Wide range of containers

Ublo technology is compatible with a wide range of materials : PP, HDPE, PS, PLA, etc…

Ublo technology offers solutions for premium packaging:

  • bottles,
  • jars,
  • and cups,

with a wide variety of shapes:

  • round,
  • square,
  • oval,

and closures:

  • lid,
  • screw cap,
  • snap on cap.

A wide range of packaging properties according to material:

  • light barrier,
  • oxygen barrier,
  • microwaveable,
  • retortable,
  • hot filling.

Ublo blowing solution allows very accurate engraving including textured surfaces.

Our Process

a simple, high speed, reliable process

Our Machines

Through machine horizontal structure all elements are positionned on ground level at man’s height for easy operating and maintenance. Ublo line is designed for quick and easy format changeover.

From 5,000 to

0 bottles/hr

From 80 to

0 mm

From 100 to

0 ml

Operating and Maintenance

An intelligent operating and maintenance human interface with all tools to follow up your production. Ublo Machine Intelligence is connected and integrated ready for factory 4.0 in order to give the best of the technology.


Low pressure blowing, and thin rigid film, easy to heat -up, reduce energy consumption of the machine. No need for high pressure compressor : Ublo packages are blown at 5/6 bar. Thin rigid film allow an easy heat penetration and a lower power consumption.


All material and packaging moves on Ublo line are driven with positive motion preventing any mispositioning. All motion is exclusively continuous servo driven motion making each step of the process fully reliable.